Reviewing pricing strategies to achieve business excellence and optimize profitability and growth


The power of price to produce results in the marketplace is not equalled by any other component in the product-mix. Price increases or decreases the demand for the products. Pricing has an important role to play in developing countries like India where the marginal value of money is higher than those of advanced nations. The increasing number of brands, channels, and distinct customer segments means that many companies must now juggle hundreds of thousands-in some cases, millions-of price points while seeking to maintain consistent pricing strategies and communications across an ever-increasing number of products and outlets. For a broad variety of manufacturers that sell to consumers and businesses alike, this rapid increase of amount has made pricing more difficult but the rewards for managing it well much greater. Developing effective pricing strategy in competitive situations is something most business owners must do. Hence, the 2nd India Pricing Strategy Summit will bring together the leading stake holders who are involved in formulating & executing pricing strategies to understand changing perceptions of value, evolving customer behaviors and to adopt a proactive pricing strategy to ensure business profitability.



Inventicon's 2nd Annual India Pricing Strategy Summit 2019 will bring together leading stake holders involved in formulating & executing pricing strategies helping us understand changing perceptions of value, evolving customer behaviors, help adopt a proactive pricing strategy and ensure business profitability.


  • Strategic approach to get your pricing right - Pricing 2020
  • Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence - Changing face of business and its impact on pricing
  • Optimizing the performance of Value-based pricing - Ensuring communication is the key
  • Applying predictive methodologies to pricing management - Opportunities & pitfalls
  • The future of pricing - Internet of things (IoT) and its advantages
  • New Product launch - Decoding the pricing strategy for new products and entering into new markets
  • The art of pricing and revenue management with big data and artificial intelligence
  • Need Analysis - why price increase is required and to what extent
  • Better utilization of unified data for pricing decisions across organizations
  • Pricing strategies in Indian rural market - Does less price means more revenue?


  • Gain in depth guidance on fine tuning your pricing transformation journey from industry stalwarts
  • Key discussion on Omni channel pricing approaches and how to implement the right strategy
  • Achieving Pricing excellence through reinforcing the value of pricing in your organization to maximize profitability.
  • Benchmark and learn best in class pricing and revenue management strategies from leading B2B and B2C practitioners in India
  • Learn about new age digital tools such as analytics, AI and pricing automation to achieve business excellence
  • Network with India's top Pricing Strategy Professionals


Industry Professionals from the following functional roles:
  • Pricing
  • Revenue Management
  • Actuarial
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Business Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Product Development
  • Category Management

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